Blog posts about performance optimising will be posted under this branch.

The phrase "Premature optimization is the root of all evil" has been attributed to Donald Erwin Knuth. Even thogh Knuth has a point, I still believe that money is the true root of all evil. After obtaining a performance profiler, true geeks like me tend to get addicted to doing countless micro optimalizations just to squeese the bounderies, even when there are no functional performance issues. Though functionally pointless and economically devastating, geeks gets to learn a great deal about the underlying framework and its quirks.

After some introspection and growing commercial awareness, even geeks need to get to grips with coding efficiency. Especially when estimations get throttled by planning-poker collegues who "can do that with a Linq one-liner". But both sides can be taken to the extreme. Linq is not evil, nither are loops. Abstraction often deserves to win over absolute control. Keeping the right balance is an art that experienced developers need to master.

I'll post some articles here that may lean to the geeky side but will possibly come in handy to someone needing that extra boost in performance.