TmProjector is a conversion utility for project files produced by the QSC TouchMix recording feature. The goal is to export project files in several formats so that the project can be easily imported into a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation).

Export formatsI'm planning to add more exports and features (maybe also an export the other way round). I'm considering to make it open source, but just need to think about it for a while.

It requires a Windows PC with at least .Net 3.5

Download the latest versoin here.

Or download it in a Zip package, or Rar package (it's just one file).

Release notes


  • Implemented Wave file hearder parsing, and checking the length of the data. Besides the project file giving larger numbers of samples than the wave files contain, the wave file headers also give a larger number (but to a smaller extent, usually 2 samples compared with thousands in the project file). Now we can set the region length to the exact length of the actual file.
  • Wave file headers can be inspected in the tree-view, including BEXT information and so on. Note that even though the editor will allow you to alter values via the user interface, the original files will not be altered and the data cannot be saved to a new file (it is read-only). Only the project fields in this tree-view can be altered and saved to a project.
  • Added a “trim regions” tool-button, which will correct the region lengths of all regions in the project. By default this is automatically done before exporting, but there are some new options to switch it off (for example when you only have the project file at hand).
  • When a project has been switched between 44100 and 48000 sample-rates between takes, all duration lengths can now correctly be calculated. Previously, if the project file stated that 48000 was the sample-rate, the regions with a sample-rate of 44100 would be allotted a too small timeframe and thus would be cut off at the end (not the original file off course, just the track in the DAW). Vice versa tracks could also get too much time allotted to them the other way round.
  • Added icons to the tree-view making it look nice and crowded.


  • Implemented export to OpenTL, a format used by Tascam for their digital recorders which is supported by many DAW's, including ProTools, Logic, Nuendo, Studio One and others.
  • Added a progress bar and status messages while converting. The OpenTL specification requires a specific file system structure, so the original wave files need to be copied. This takes so much time that giving no feedback would lead to the user thinking that the process has "hang".
  • Added export-format specific options to the settings dialog. There is an option for OpenTL not to copy the files and refer to the original files. Although not officially supported by the OpenTL specification I guess some DAW's might just accept this. I only tested it with the free version of Studio One, and it failed, after which I implemented it according to the official specs, then it succeeded (but took quite some time).


  • Initial release, support for exporting to Reaper.