TmProjector License

Use this application at your own risk and be sure to make backups when trying things out. I have no resources to extensively test this software. It is built in my spare time and by using it you agree not to hold me liable for any damage caused by any bugs or intended functionality. Weather you use it or not, you also agree not to harass me to support some export format or add other features. I reserve my rights to take time for a normal life with my family.

You may use this version of the application for commercial or private use, free of charge, and you may make copies of it for friends, family and colleagues.

You may not publish it on your own website, sell or rent it, and you may not decompile or use parts of it for your own products without any written consent from me.

Some icons come from, or are based on, the beautiful Silk Icons from FamFamFam (

Subject to change without notice.

I hope you all enjoy it!